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Watch the farm spring to life as our new baby animals make their debut this spring. Our special baby petting zoo features some of our newest arrivals on the farm. Observe how mom and babies bond; examine baby chicks and enjoy this fun.


For Easter & Mother's Day Events, ask us about our special Spring Themed Petting Zoos. The Easter petting zoo typically includes rabbits, chicks, and ducklings, but other spring babies and donkeys are available on request.

These special petting zoos are great for Easter Egg Hunts, Easter Sunday Church Services, and Spring birthday parties. Make sure to BOOK early, as the weekends around Easter sell out!


Ideas For your Easter Event:

  • ​Invite a donkey to come to your church service. They’ll walk right in

  • Easter Petting Zoos can be done indoor or outdoor. 

  • For smaller events, the Easter petting zoo is perfect. For larger events, just add on to it. In most cases, it can stand on its own, or be a part of our larger, standard petting zoo.


Don’t miss out! Contact us to book your Easter Petting Zoo TODAY!

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