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Horse - Drawn Carriage Rental




Let Walking M Farms make your dreams come true! Whether your looking for that special way to arrive  or looking for a enchanting way to leave your event, let us help you make your special day one to Remember.



A romantic horse drawn carriage ride  is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, proposals, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, prom, homecoming or any special day. Climb into our carriage and enjoy the world from the comfort of our cushioned seats. As you hear the sound of the horses hooves on the pavement and the world rolls slowly by, you can not help but appreciate the beauty around you. Let us customize a carriage ride that is perfect for you.



Enjoy beautiful Arizona and travel through town the old-fashioned way. This is the perfect way to impress out of town guests and they will learn a little about your town while you're at it. 



It might not be snowing, but it will be a winter TREAT for the whole family. Bundle up and hop in our cozy carriage for a jaunt around town. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. The decorations and lights of winter illuminate the trees along the streets and will warm your holiday. Make this a tradition that your family will love for years to come. Share the experience with relatives that are visiting for the holidays, and it will be a wonderful gift for all. 



We come out to many neighborhoods and buisnesses to do private parties. We can arrive at you house or BUSINESS and while you are entertaining your guest we can be available for carriage rides through your local neighborhood. What a perfect memory and great way to say thank you to your guest.


Do something out of the ordinary at your next family, CORPORATE, or group event. We'll bring our horses and carriage to you.


Contact Us for pricing & booking information.

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