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Pony-Drawn Wagon Rides

Are you TIRED of the same ‘Ol Pony Rides?  We certainly hope not!!! However, we have a slightly different way of giving you pony rides! We offer Pony Drawn carts and wagon rides which are LOTS of fun! This service is available at any event you can THINK of, from birthday parties to festivals and everything in between.  Pony Drawn carts and wagon make a fun and impressive add-ons to any event. 

So, whether you have a cowgirl, cowboy, princess or an animal fan, children and adults have the time of their lives enjoying the pony wagon rides!


Our unique Pony-Drawn Wagon & Cart Rides are perfect for small children who don't want to ride a pony as they can ride the cart with mom and dad.


On average, the mini carts and wagons can hold up to 4 small children at a time, can work on the street, in a large yard, in a park or parking lot. Just ask us about your location, we are sure it is perfect.


We also provide Horse-Drawn Wagon, Sleigh and Carriage Services. Click HERE for details!


Please enquire for a quote using the "Contact Us" page.

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