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Live Nativity Scene


No Christmas festival is complete without a live nativity scene. Re-enact the Bethlehem birth with live animals surrounding your manger display. Our exciting Live Nativty animals gives you a chance to have one on one interaction and to be educated with the animals from the birth of Christ! 


The story of Christmas has lived through the generations of human history, ever since Jesus Christ was born in a stable in Bethlehem. Because the truth is alive, a living nativity scene can be a most meaningful display and TEACHING tool for the Christmas season.


Our live Nativity Scene animals brings life and realness to any play. We bring a variety of different animals that are typically seen in a nativity scene such as goats, sheep, lamb, donkey, chickens, ducks and even bunny rabbits we bring the animals in and set them up in a pen that can be indoors or outdoors. We can also scatter hay around to make the effect of the scene in the manger even more realistic. The nativity scene animals can be coralled in a pen or on a lead line held by one of the Shepards or Wisemen.


Be it a church courtyard, Christmas parade, or a backyard we’re happy to assist you in making images jump from the pages of books to become real-life displays. This fun wholesome activity is guaranteed to add spark and flavor to your party or event.


Contact us and we can discuss the different options with you and availability. See our Holiday page for more options on having even more Holiday fun.

It’s one thing to believe in the story of the Three Wise Men, Mary and Joseph, and the little baby that they birthed in a manger, but it’s another thing to see it live.


Rekindle the true spirit of the season and put the arrival of baby Jesus at the heart of Christmas. No Christmas festival is complete without a live nativity scene.


Whether it be a live re-enactment, play or animals as a background setting and petting zoo creche scene, the animals will bring your message to life.

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