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Knock Knock! Who’s there? The best way to send your funny and important messages to your loved ones, The Pony-Gram!! If you’ve got something important or funny to say, let one of our Pony-Grams say it for you. They are perfect for any occasion from proposals, birthdays, and anniversaries, asking someone on a date and even telling someone a new baby is on the way! Our Pony-Gram’s are ideal for any occasion!


Our adorable ponies will deliver your personal message to your special someone in the most memorable way ever. We also have other animals available if your preference is something else. Walking M Farms “Pony Express” will deliver and stay with a pony or other animals of your choice. Our pony will deliver your message along with balloons and other items of your choice to your special someone’s home/work/school. If you also want to send a private message to your loved ones, we provide message cards perfect for every occasion. Moreover, we also have some great balloon packages available. At Pony-Grams we want to fulfill each and every request of our customers and provide them the ease of getting a complete package in one place.


We know it is heartbreaking to not give your child the pony party he has been begging for since months. However, you can now make up for it with the next best thing! The ‘Pony Express” includes time for the children to pet and ride a pony. Our ponies are very friendly and have met children at school on their birthdays. Your child will be ecstatic to have a pony ride him/her home from school instead of you picking them up. After all, it is their special day and they deserve a pony ride!


Our services are so vast that, believe it or not, we even do break-ups! Get creative and book a Donkey-Gram! You can even have a sheep or a goat deliver your personal message or package. We welcome any more ideas from your part! For us, the sky is the limit and we love new ideas!


Now you don’t have to bring home the same old teddy bear from the local grocery store or have a flower company just drop off flowers like you did last year. You can get creative and do whatever you wish with our help!




Great fundraiser for businesses and schools!  


Chances are come Valentines Day students at your school are doing some sort of

fundraiser that involves delivery of candy or flowers to that special someone

(or secret crush they’ve been eying from across the room during social studies class).


Delivered by the Pony-Express

•Clague Choir sold  lollipop candy grams with a note attached for $1. All funds raised will go to the school library to purchase more books.


•Smith Printing had candy grams for 50-cents per lollipop and $1 for a chocolate delivery. Proceeds went to benefit United Way.


Contact us today to book your Pony Express. 

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