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Photo Sessions, Promotions, Film & TV

                     Walking M Farms has provided animals for personal &                                             professional photo-shoots, television, movies, promotions, and                                         advertising for many years.  Our animals have been raised                                          around people and can tolerate crowds and noises where                                        others may not. Each arrives with a trained handler                                                    prepared to lead the animal by your direction.


                      Treat yourself of a loved one to a photo-shoot with one of our                                 beautiful animals to create a truly captivating image for you to                               treasure. It is great for adding a different look and fantastic feel to                       family portraits, bridal shoots, school dances, and senior pictures.                    Photo sessions can be as fun and elaborate as you'd like to make it and is great for ALL occasions!


Our horses, carriages, wagons and sleighs make a unique backdrop for photo-shoots. They are available for ALL types of photo-shoots, films & TV, advertising and theater. Horses, carriages, wagons and sleighs are available together or separately. Click HERE for additional information.


Whatever the occasion, Walking M Farms will make your session a fun experience that won't be forgotten.  Along with your photographer,

we can create lasting memories of the important milestones in

your life.


Use the "Contact Us" page to schedule your session or to

discuss the different options we have available.

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