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                                                            Put on a sombrero and moustache and celebrate                                                                         Mexico's independence. Throw a festive and                                                                               memorable Cinco de Mayo event by incorporating one                                                       of our adorable donkeys. Popular with event patrons is an                                                           adorable donkey to pose with in pictures and our Beer                                                             Burro.  What is a Beer Burro? Click HERE & check it out!


                                          We will bring a donkey to the location of your choice. Sure to                                 be a crowd   pleaser! We will even bring a sombrero for your guess to wear                         to take    pictures with a donkey. Guests can give these long-eared gental                             friends a hug or they can simply take a photo to remember the experience                           forever. Everyone wants to get photos and  people get creative with the                               type  of photos they take. The photos will be priceless and your event will                             be talked about for weeks to come! 


                                          Contact us for a quote and book today!                     

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