My First Pony (Horse Education Program)


We Bring the Field Trip to You! 

My First Pony is an education program designed to teach children’s, as well as adults about horses and ponies. The fun-filled interactive program allows the children to take care of the ponies that visit their locations. 


The students playing the game learn to brush and groom the pony using the different types of brushes available. 



They also learn the basics of how to saddle or “tack up” the horse; handle the horseshoes, feeding the pony, their lifespan, and much, much more.


At the end of the session, each child gets a pony ride. The program is a great addition to any traveling pony ride package. Nowadays, many camps and schools offer pony rides for the children over four years old. My first pony program is also added to the learning curriculum that teaches the children’s interesting facts about the miniature animal.


The Pony Education Program will also teach about the safety of the animals as well as how they are one of the oldest surviving mammals. The pony rides are suitable for all ages from babies to their grandparents. The program is recommended for ages 4 and above and the free pony ride can be availed by every child, regardless of their age.


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How do Horseshoes get nailed on the hoof?

Where is a pony's ergot?

How long do ponies live?

What is the correct side to mount a horse- and why?

Learn the answers to these and many other equine questions in this unique, interactive visiting pony education show!

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