Our educational programs cover the badge requirements for "Hands On" horse

and pony care. This includes but is not limited to:

 Basic Horse Safety
 The Daily Care and Maintenance of Horses
 The Diet, Exercise and Habits of Horses 
 Proper Horse Terminology 
 Breeds of Horses and Ponies 
 Names and Parts of the Saddle and Bridle
 Veterinary Care 
 A Question and Answer Period

Earning their horse care and riding badges is a wonderful learning experience for

the  Scouts and their leaders to enjoy and remember!


"Animal Try It" and "Giddy Up and Go" Patch/Badges

The Brownies will learn about basic daily stable operations including the care and feeding of the horses. They will also learn what tack is, arenas, cross ties, wash racks and much more. The girls will receive an introduction to basic riding, learning skills such as walking, stopping, backing and turning with the help of the riding instructor. The Brownies will do the following activities to complete this Patch/Badge:

  • Brownies will visit Lynnwood Equestrian Center, which is a 25 acre horse farm.

  • We will look in the barn and horse stalls and see all the equipment that is needed in the stall.

  • Learn how to feed horses and what they eat.

  • Give a horse a special treat.

  • The riding instructor will show you the correct way to mount and dismount from a horse. Sit in the saddle and take hold of the reins. The instructor will also lead you on a short ride in order to get the feel of how the horse moves.

  • You will learn what you should wear while riding a horse and how does the clothing that you wear keep you safe while you are riding.

  • Look at the special riding helmets and learn why you always wear a riding helmet when riding.

  • Watch someone grooming a horse and then help groom a horse using a brush, currycomb and hoof pick. Learn what the horse’s coat feels like and brush the horse’s mane.

  • Learn what “tacking up” a horse is and look at a saddle and learn the difference between a Western and English saddle, what does the girth do, and how the saddle pad protects the saddle from the horse’s back.


"Fun with Horses" Patch/Badge

We welcome the youngest of the Scouts out to the barn for an introduction to horsemanship. This Patch will take 1 1/2 hours and is $25.00 a child.

  • Horse safety.

  • Where do horses live and what do they eat.

  • Learn five body parts of the horse.

  • Horse grooming tools used and how to properly use them.

  • Riding a horse on a lead line.


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How do Horseshoes get nailed on the hoof?

Where is a pony's ergot?

How long do ponies live?

What is the correct side to mount a horse- and why?

Learn the answers to these and many other equine questions in this unique, interactive visiting pony education show!

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