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Walking M Farms offers unique education traveling programs for schools, daycare centers, nursery schools, camps and other organizations. The ideal country learning atmosphere for people of all ages!


Whether you're a SCHOOL group looking to learn about animals, a scout troop earning a badge, Day Care, Pre-School, or a mom's club seeking a day of discovery play, Walking M Farms brings you  an experience that is educational fun. 


Bringing live resources into the school allows teachers to use our resources to intergrate the farm into their program while students gain first hand knowledge of farm animals.


Are you looking for an amazing hands-on, interactive, huggable, furry, fun  to entertain and educate your students? The Traveling Farm Petting Zoo and Pony Rides is a fun filled educational experience. We will set up a corral, open the side door of the livestock trailer and your SCHOOL yard turns in to “Old McDonald’s” farm yard.  We can also set up indoors! We'll bring a waterproof tarp to set the animals up on. 


Don't see a program that fits your needs? Give us a call at (480) 250-3014 or use the "contact us" page and we'll work with you to create an amazing  agricultural program to fit your needs.

We Make Learning Fun!


How do Horseshoes get nailed on the hoof?

Where is a pony's ergot?

How long do ponies live?

What is the correct side to mount a horse- and why?

Learn the answers to these and many other equine questions in this unique, interactive visiting pony education show!

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