Chick Hatching & Early Learning

Up close and personal, children see the miracle of a chicken hatch right before their eyes, then care for the chicks in a nurturing and sustainable environment and help

them grow strong & happy!

Our program teaches children of all ages about the miracle of life. Watch as chicks peck out of the egg and begin their journey. Great fun at home or at school! Don’t worry, at the end of 3 weeks all of the supplies and chicks come back to our farm.


This featured program is of 3-week duration in which you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to hatch eggs at your location. The staff of Walking M Farms will visit your premises and share with you the process of chicken development through a one-hour program. We will also provide you with the tools that are needed for incubation and after care. 



In this featured program, you’ll receive:
• 1 in-class “Chicken Hatching” program with a super fun

Walking M Farms teacher

• 1  incubator
• 7 fertile chicken eggs, with approxmalty 2 weeks left of incubation time
• 1 chick brooder with heat lamp, water dish, feed tray and 1-week’s

supply of chick food
• 1 chick hatching instruction manual
• Delivery and pick-up
• Free technical support
• And some fun extras!




Contact us for a quote and program availability.


The first 2 weeks will show you the life process of the chicken through the see-through incubator. When the egg starts cracking and you see the signs of a chick emerging, then you’ll move them to a warm brooder which will give them the necessities they need to grow – heat, water, and food. In the last and third week, you and your group can see the chicks grow and acquire first-hand experience about the cycle of life. 

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